Ernest W.

About The Author

Ernest W. Cockrell, an Episcopal priest, carries a remarkable life journey that has shaped his profound storytelling.

He studied under famous biblical archaeologists at Harvard Divinity School after growing up in South Eastern Oklahoma. That Discovery was a crucial link between religion and reality. After being ordained at Church of the Redeemer in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, he served at St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church in Marion, Massachusetts for 25 years. In 1969 He became a summer vicar in a church in Hertfordshire, England. In 1992 he became the rector of St. Andrew’s Episcopal church and school in Saratoga, California.

Ernest’s commitment to peace and justice is evident through his extensive service on various church commissions and his role in orchestrating the consecration of the world’s first woman bishop, the Right Reverend Barbara Harris. He delves into the intricate tapestry of human emotions as a preacher, writer, composer, and counselor, leaving an indelible mark on those who cross his path.

About the Book

Samson's Shadow

Ernest W. Cockrell’s “Samson’s Shadow” is a captivating look at the human psyche that takes readers on an amazing journey of reflection and “coming-to-terms”.  Set in the rural village of Barkway, Hertfordshire, England, the vicar takes the churchwarden through a variety of events and situations. Carefully recording conversations in confidential diaries, the vicar provides pastoral care revealing new insights for churchwarden and himself.

The bishop’s death forces the churchwarden to face his own secret insecurities. “Samson’s Shadow” shows how inner shadows can influence perception and behavior, forcing one to face his challenges. This eagerly awaited book shows Cockrell’s deep understanding of the human psyche. The book’s
compelling story encourages readers to reflect on their lives and grow.

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The way the writer used to explain life is absolutely fantastic!!! This book has helped me grow spiritually as well as mentally. Must Read!!
Sherry K. Davidson