Samson’s Shadow


Ernest W. Cockrell’s “Samson’s Shadow” is a captivating look at the human psyche that takes readers on an amazing journey of reflection and atonement. The vicar protagonist, set in the peaceful village of Barkway, Hertfordshire, goes through a variety of emotions and situations. Carefully recording conversations in personal diaries can provide pastoral care context and reveal new insights.



Ernest W. Cockrell’s “Samson’s Shadow” is a fascinating look at human psychology. The novel takes place in Barkway, Hertfordshire, and shows the vicar’s thoughts. The vicar learns more about himself from parishioners in his detailed journal entries.

The bishop’s unexpected death forces the protagonist to face life’s challenges and the human psyche. Cockrell’s storytelling style powerfully shows how unconscious forces shape our thoughts and behaviors and forces the reader to face their own demons. This eagerly anticipated book shows the author’s mastery of human emotion and offers a reassuring story that encourages introspection and personal growth.

Nothing compares to Ernest Cockrell’s dedication to morality and peace. He became president of the Canterbury Foundation after resigning as senior pastor of St. Andrew’s Church in 2007 and remains a key figure in social justice. His pilgrimages to Palestine, Israel, and Jordan show his dedication. Participants visit hospitals and refugee camps to see the suffering of the world’s displaced and be inspired to act.


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