About the Book

Samson's Shadow

Ernest W. Cockrell’s “Samson’s Shadow” is a fascinating look at the human psyche. The setting for the novel is Barkway, Hertfordshire in England. The vicar learns about himself from conversations with his Churchwarden through a confidential diary.

The bishop’s unexpected death forces the churchwarden to face barriers blocking his confidence. Cockrell’s storytelling style powerfully shows how unconscious forces shape our thoughts and behaviors, encouraging the readers to face their own challenges. This eagerly anticipated book shows the author’s mastery of human emotions and offers a reassuring story that encourages introspection and personal growth.

Nothing compares to Cockrell’s dedication to peace with justice. He retired as rector of St. Andrew’s Church in 2007 and continues his work for social justice specially for women and minorities. His pilgrimages to Palestine, Israel, and Jordan reveal his dedication to reconciliation, as pilgrims visit hospitals and refugee camps to see the suffering of the world’s displaced people, working with Palestinian and Israeli peace makers.