Unveiling The Complexities, Discoveries, Fears and Joys of What It Means to Be Human – Samson’s Shadow

Occasionally a novel emerges with the possibility of influencing the way people perceive themselves, those around them and the circumstances in which they live their inner lives. Ernest W. Cockrell is pleased to announce the publication of his novel, Samson’s Shadow. Cockrell has written a unique book with a different perspective on the complexity of human beings and the experiences and personal secrets that impact their lives.

Samson’s Shadow presents honest, realistic encounters between an American vicar and his British churchwarden leading to unexpected revelations for them both as the vicar’s two-year contract with a small parish in the beautiful village of Barkway in Hertfordshire, England extended to thirty years.

As promised, the editor published the manuscript in its original form as the vicar kept records – his “diaries – of meetings with parishioners much as a doctor keeps confidential records of patients. This unique format allows for a fast-paced experience of interactions as depths of experiences emerge in both men, even as the novel explores the churchwarden’s unexamined feelings which emerge in the aftermath of his bishop’s untimely death.

Samson’s Shadow explores the way men – and women – conceal their personal shadows which can become roadblocks to continuing growth, especially when they seem to be inappropriate by society’s standards. The book is a thought-provoking journey delving deep into the human psyche in an honest empathetic way. The surprising revelations which emerge in the churchwarden and vicar may cause examination of the reader’s own shadows, leading to possible liberation.